Car manufacture volume in Nov hit highest record in 51 years


Thailand’s volume of cars manufactured reached a record high of 256,000 units, according to the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) Automotive Industry Club.

Thailand has been producing automobiles for 51 years.

Surapong Paisitpatanapong, club spokesman, said the number of automobiles produced increased 1.75 percent compared to that of October and over 980 percent compared to the figure in November last year when the country was facing flood situations.

Of 256,000 units manufactured last month alone, over 161,000 were for domestic sales, while almost 95,000 for export, making the total number of cars manufactures in the first 11 months of this year 2.23 million, of which 1.29 million were for domestic use and 941,000 for export.

The spokesman said the manufacturing volume is expected at 2.5 million units next year and to increase to 3 million in 2017, which will bring Thailand into the ranks of the world’s top-ten countries producing the highest volume of automobiles.