Cabinet green-lights budget for floodwalls around industrial estates


BANGKOK, 14 February 2012  – The Cabinet has approved a 4.8 billion-baht budget for the construction of floodwalls around industrial estates, which are scheduled to be finished by September 2012. 

Deputy Government Spokesperson Chalitrat Chandrubeksa has revealed that the cabinet has acknowledged the Ministry of Industry’s progress in reviving the flood-damaged industrial sector. Currently, 328 out of 838 factories in the 7 affected industrial estates have resumed operation. Meanwhile, 1,009 large-scale projects as well as small and medium enterprises (SMEs) situated outside industrial estates have also undergone full recovery.

Additionally, the cabinet has also acknowledged the Ministry’s project to construct floodwalls around six industrial estates at the cost of 4.8 billion baht. The floodwalls are to be built around Rojana Industrial Estate (77.6 km.), Bang Pa In Industrial Estate (11 km.), Navanakorn Industrial estate (18 km.), Hi-tech Industrial Estate (13 km.), Saharattana Nakorn Industrial Estate (13 km.) and Bang Kradi Industrial Estate (8.4 km.). All construction projects are scheduled for completion by September 2012.