Cabinet approves budget for first-car scheme reimbursement


BANGKOK, April 28 – Thailand’s caretaker Cabinet on Monday approved reimbursing the first-car scheme with Bt5 billion in funds from the central budget, while Finance Ministry affirmed that Bt90 billion will be paid to farmers under the rice-pledging scheme by the end of June.

Caretaker Deputy Finance Minister Tanusak Lekuthai said the Cabinet approved the budget for the first-car buyer programme of those who held their vehicles for one year.

The reimbursement will cover May-July, he said, adding that the new government will consider the repayment for August and September.

Mr Tanusak said the reimbursement is delayed due to the documentation process.

Meanwhile, the remaining Bt90 billion to be allocated to pay farmers under the rice-pledging scheme will be collected from funds to help farmers and related organisations.

He said the savings account now amounts to almost Bt10 billion and is expected to reach Bt20 billion by the end of May.