Bright prospects for Thai agricultural investment in ASEAN


BANGKOK, July 4 — The Office of Agricultural Economics (OAE) pointed out that Thailand has considerable opportunities to expand its agriculture in other Southeast Asian nations, especially those sharing its border or near it.

Bhumisak Rasri, director of the OAE Agricultural Economic Operation Centre, said the formation of the ASEAN Community in 2015 would bring about such opportunities in other ASEAN countries that are sources of abundant resources and large markets.

He recommended Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam in particular.

Mr Bhumisak said that Thailand should invest in organic farming, advanced agriculture, rice mills, aquaculture and the production and processing of aquatic animals in Cambodia.

In Laos, Thailand should invest in the production and processing of farm products, livestock development, and freshwater fisheries in the Mekong River.

Meanwhile, the Myanmar government is promoting investment in all kinds of agriculture and the potential enhancement of farmers in its country.

Mr Bhumisak also recommended agro-industries, food processing and the manufacturing of para rubber products in Indonesia.

He encouraged Thai investors to thoroughly study the countries where they want to invest.

Last year the lion’s share of Thailand’s foreign direct investment in Southeast Asia went to Singapore (Bt233.508 billion), followed by Bt89.287 billion to Indonesia, and Bt89.265 billion to Malaysia.