BMTA faces losses as commuters switch to MRT and BTS amid Bangkok protests


BANGKOK, 10 Feb 2014  The Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) stated it faces a 2.7 million baht loss daily as commuters have switched to MRT and BTS amid Bangkok protests. 

BMTA Deputy Managing Director Naret Boonpiem made the revelation, explaining that since the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) initiated its mass gathering on January 13th, the majority of its passengers have switched to using the MRT subway or BTS sky train as their preferred modes of transportation, in order to avoid traffic congestion caused by the demonstrations.

He said that the move has inevitably damaged the BMTA’s revenue, putting a dent of approximately 2.7 million baht of income a day.

Mr. Naret said that currently there are 2,520 buses running only 22,000 trips daily. He expressed his concerns that the number would further decline should the political gatherings persist and would cause long term damages to its income.

Meanwhile, he said that the company, in its bid to provide better services, has conducted another round of route adjustment, resulting in busses plying 49 roads to change its routes to avoid venturing into protest sites.