Blue Flag eggs to be available nationwide this week



BANGKOK, 26 April 2011  – The Ministry of Commerce has affirmed that the sale of Blue Flag eggs will commence in all parts of the country within this week while believing that more egg supply will enter the market next month.


Permanent Secretary for Commerce Yanyong Phuangrach disclosed that the Commerce Ministry had already begun selling inexpensive eggs under the Blue Flag project at the city halls of most provinces and promised that the products would be available in all areas nationwide by the end of this week.

Under the project, the price of number 3 size eggs is set at 3.20 THB each, which is 40 satang cheaper than the market price. The Ministry has so far received good cooperation from entrepreneurs in slowing their egg exports to prevent domestic shortages as well as from farmers in selling their eggs under the price ceiling of 3.10 THB each.

Mr Yanyong indicated that more than 480,000 hens imported late last year were due to lay eggs this May; therefore, the egg supply in the market would rebound and the price would start lowering. However, he said the Ministry would convene to reassess the egg price situation later this month and consideration would be given to an import of eggs if necessary.