Bank of Thailand says 2014 GDP might not have to be reduced


BANGKOK, 22 February 2014  Director of the Bank of Thailand’s Monetary Policy Department, Mrs. Roong Mallikamas, revealed that the Bank of Thailand is closely following the world economic situation, Thailand’s economic situation, and the Thai political situation to determine whether the national GDP for 2014, with the previous forecast growth of 3%, will have to be adjusted.

Mrs. Roong admitted the National Economic and Social Development Board’s forecast that the Thai economy will grow 2.9% is similar to the Monetary Policy Department’s forecast of 3%.

She added that statistics show that the 2014 GDP will probably not be significantly adjusted because the economic forecast for this year is not only dependent on last year’s performance. There are many factors to be considered, some of which have already changed. The Monetary Policy Department will consider these factors in an upcoming March 12 meeting.