Bangchak reduces gasohol price by 60 satang/liter


BANGKOK, 29 August 2011 – Bangchak Petroleum Plc will reduce the prices of all types of gasohol by 60 satang per liter tomorrow as a way to thank customers for using alternative fuel and to assist energy crop farmers facing declining prices. 

In response to the Government’s recent slash of benzene and diesel prices, Bangchak President Anusorn Saengnimnuan declared that the company had decided to decrease its retail prices for Gasohol 91, 95, E20 and E85 by 60 satang per liter from 30 August onwards.

As a result, Gasohol 91 will be sold at 33.94 THB a liter, which is cheaper than Benzene 91 by 83 satang, while the price of Gasohol 95 will stand at 36.44 THB a liter, lower than Benzene 95 by 3.27 THB. The prices of Gasohol E20 and E85 will come down to 32.44 THB and 21.32 THB a liter respectively.

The gasohol price reduction is due to Bangchak’s wish to express thanks to customers and encourage them to continue using alternative fuel. In addition, the price cut will also contribute to the effort to help planters of sugarcane and cassava, which are raw materials of gasohol, amidst plummeting prices of their crops.

Dr Anusorn elaborated that alternative fuel was a vital tool for maintaining the country’s energy stability and since it could lead to less imports of crude oil and octane boosters from overseas, the fuel was believed to be able to save the country over 10 billion THB each year. Moreover, it also creates jobs for energy crop farmers and improves their quality of life.