Bangchak Oil to open more alternative fuel service stations to cope with rising car population


BANGKOK, 15 June 2012  – One of Thailand’s leading oil business operators is set to open many new service stations to make alternative fuel readily available for motorists.

Bangchak Petroleum President Anusorn Sangnimnuan said that Bangchak is planning to soon open as many alternative fuel service stations as possible across the country, in its support for the government’s promotion of substitute energy.

Mr. Anusorn stated that the expansion project is also aimed at making the green energy more available for motorists, when more cars are getting into the streets.

Under the preliminary plan, the number of service stations for gasohol E20 will be increased from 505 to 600, while that for E85 fuel is set to go up from 30 to 50 within this year.

The Bangchak Petroleum President said that the decision to open more service stations was also due to the fact that around 1 million cars with engines which run on E20 fuel, are now on Thai streets, while around 12,000 engines from all major automakers that run on E10-E85 or FFV fuel are also active in Thailand.

According to Mr. Anusorn, Bangchak’s gasohol E20 sales have been on a rise and are expected to climb from 10 million liters per month in 2011 to 20 million liters per month before the end of this year. An expected rise is also forecast for gasohol E85, which is pegged to rise from 440,000 liters to as many as 2 million liters before the year’s end.