Ayutthaya recognised as main supplier of chickens, laying hens


AYUTTHAYA, 2 November 2014 – Ayutthaya has become the country’s main supplier of chickens and laying hens after the province has paid attention the food safety standard and logistics development.

Mr. Suebsawat Pakpiboon, Director of the Provincial Livestock Office says Ayutthaya is currently raising more than three million broiler chickens worth 1,700 million baht a year. These broilers are mainly exported to Japan and the EU.

Laying hens are also a major source of income, with three million of them being raised in the province, and 2.5 million eggs produced daily. The province earns about 3,000 million baht a year from the hen-raising industry.

Suebsawat also indicated that Ayutthaya has become an important distribution center of meat of the country as the province has the advantage in transportation and cold storage facilities. It now has 15 high-standard cold storage units able to distribute fresh meat to all parts of the country. The province has already established a concrete flood prevention system contributing to investors’ confidence in investing here.

Suebsawat added that the Ayutthaya Livestock Office is also encouraging farmers in the province to make use of animal dung in producing cooking gas as a way to decrease household expenses.