Automotive industry begins to recover


BANGKOK, 1 October 2015 – Deputy Director of the Office of Industrial Economics Natthaphon Rangsitphon has reported that the automotive industry has recovered well and car exports to main markets have continued to expand, despite the industry’s overall decrease in August 2015.

The August manufacturing product index dropped by 8.3% mainly due to production drops in electronics and aquatic animal products, said the director. However, the automotive industry’s production expanded by as much as 13.3% or 159,000 units compared to the same period last year. Car exports also increased to over 100,000 units.

Exports of industrial goods to the U.S., European Union and the CLMV group (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam) also expanded well in August.

The director added that the office would revise the manufacturing product index in order to make it better reflect the industrial sector at present. Some industries, such as television and slipper production, will be removed from the index since there are only a few producers left. They will be replaced with the industries of more economic significance such as auto parts, rice and synthetic fiber.