ASEAN-Canada Dialogue will boost ASEAN economy


BANGKOK- Canada was urged to invest in the agricultural development of the ASEAN region during the recent ASEAN-Canada Dialogue held in Malaysia.

Foreign Minister General Thanasak Patimapakorn attended the post-ministerial conference in Kuala Lumpur with other ASEAN foreign ministers and his Canadian counterpart, Daniel Jean.

General Thanasak said during the conference that both parties could potentially collaborate to promote and support the growth of small and medium enterprises.

They could also enter a joint investment to establish a transportation network, also dubbed the Asia-Pacific Gateway, and promote the development of the agriculture industry in ASEAN through Canada’s Grow Asia project.

Members of ASEAN nations and Canada have agreed to strengthen their relationships. In recognition of this development, the North American country is planning to appoint a Canadian ambassador to the ASEAN region and has endorsed the ASEAN-Canada Plan of Action 2016-2020.