Army to inspect rice warehouses in Phitsanulok


PHITSANULOK, 4 July 2014 – The 3rd. Army Support Command has held a meeting with a rice inspection team appointed by the National Council for Peace and Order on details and techniques to be employed during inspections of warehouses in the province. 

During the meeting, the team discussed its plans to inspect the quantity and quality of rice under the rice pledging program, which has been stored in warehouses in the districts of Muang, Watbot, Bangrakam and Bang Kratoom, Phisanulok. The inspection will kick off tomorrow.

The NCPO earlier ordered a thorough inspection on rice in the pledging scheme stored in warehouses and silos nationwide after it had been informed that a large amount of rice had gone missing from the warehouses.

In the North, the inspection team will be led by the 3rd Region Army. Its mission is to inspect all the 770 warehouses in the fourteen northern provinces, where over 9.6 million tons of rice altogether has been stored.