Agro-zoning scheme to be expedited to increase competitive edge for farmers


BANGKOK, 10 July 2013 The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives is expediting the agro-farming project for 6 types of crops in a bid to increase the competitive edge of Thai farmers. 

According to Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Yukol Limlangthong, the zoning scheme has been designed for the growing of rice, cassava, rubber tree, palm tree, sugar cane, and corn. By studying the quality of soil, nutrients, weather conditions as well as the availability of an irrigation system for each type of crops will help determine the suitable terrains to grow them effectively.

The zoning, according to Mr. Yukol, will help relieve shortages of fresh produce and keep the prices stable as well as reduce the cost for farmers. There will be no need to buy fertilizers as the designated zones will have already been assured that the soil contains nutrients necessary for the plants.

The Ministry will report its findings to provincial governors and farmers to allow them time to adjust to the new crop growing method. Government officials will also provide them with technological knowledge and advice on financial support and marketing tools, among other things.