Agriculture and Cooperatives Min conducts strategic plans for 4 crops


BANGKOK, 28 September 2014  A sub-committee is expediting to conduct strategic plans for four crops including maize, cassava, oil palm, and sugar cane.

Permanent-Secretary for Agriculture and Cooperatives Chawalit Chukajorn said during the daily program, ‘Thailand Moves Forward’, that the ministry is resolving and creating balance of demand and supply. Moreover, four economic crops are planned to be promoted to global market.

The crops play a vital role in subsequent industries, for example, animal feeds, bio diesel, and sugar. As of now, the four crops generate about 100 billion baht in revenue each year so it is necessary to implement more systematical plan for producing such crops.

In addition, the government should apply cultivation zoning to make a balance between food plants and energy plants. Crop varieties should be selected relevant to soil quality and water sources. The sub-committee has been assigned to a conduct emergency plan for this year, short term for 1-3 years, middle term for 3-5 years and long term for 5-10 years.