AFG deals with the media and looks at supplying Rolls-Royce



The very dynamic Auto Focus Group (AFG) learned how to handle the media during a crisis and was offered the opportunity to make five million dollars in five years, at their recent meeting.

Dr. Valerie McKenzie.

The group was first addressed by Dr. Valerie McKenzie, the MD of Thana Burin Asia Pacific, the boutique Public Relations Consultancy.  With Dr. Valerie having been in the media for many years, she was able to give the AFG members a very good insight as to how to handle the media in a crisis situation, and what the media will want to find out.  She also counseled that even if their companies have not yet had a crisis – it will happen.

She summed up a very interesting discourse by advising that the CEO in crisis situations should be available, should give information, should not speculate, should manage the social media and correct any misinformation.

Her final advice was to suggest that businesses should build a relationship with the media to help prevent problems with mis-reporting.

The second session was presented by the effervescent Kari Williams, the Business Development manager for Thailand, Laos and Cambodia for Rolls-Royce.  Unfortunately, no Rolls-Royces were awaiting in the car park of the d2 baraquda as Ms Kari works in the aerospace development section.

She began her talk by offering the opportunity for any company to “make five million dollars in five years.”  This naturally got everyone’s attention.

It was made apparent that Rolls-Royce, who supply gas-turbine engines for the aviation industry, only manufacture 15 percent of the 2,200 parts for the engines themselves, leaving 85 percent to be out-sourced.

She advised that any company looking at supplying part of that 85 percent shortfall had to be able to produce parts to Rolls-Royce legendary quality and to show an excellence in manufacturing capability.

Following the AFG meeting, many of the members walked up the road to the British Chamber of Commerce networking evening at Shenanigans.

Kari Williams.