ADB: Thailand named potential Asian econ driver


BANGKOK, 5 May 2011  – Thailand is rated one of seven Asian countries which have adequate potentials to stimulate the economy in the region in the next 40 years, according to a report published by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). 

The ADB reported that Asia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) led by seven potential drivers including China, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Thailand, would account for over 50% of global output in 2050.

The combined GDP of the seven mentioned countries stood at 14.2 trillion US dollars or 87% of Asia’s GDP in 2010. Population of the seven countries totaled 3.1 billion or 78% of the total population in the region.

The study found that the GDP rate of the seven Asian countries would account for 90% of the region’s GDP and 45% of the global output while their population would fall to 73% of the regional figure by the mid-century.

Average per capita income of the seven countries is expected to stand at 45,800 US dollars in purchasing power parity terms, which would be higher than the global average of 36,600 US dollars by 25%.