Abhisit asks government to rethink economic policies


BANGKOK, 1 January 2013  Former Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition Democrats Abhisit Vejjajiva has forecast that Thailand would still face economic challenges in 2013 and called on the government to reconsider its economic standpoint. 

The Opposition Leader, on Tuesday, said that he wishes the people of Thailand all the best and good health and mind in 2013, for they are essential in bringing about peace and happiness in the country.

Concerning the future of Thailand, Mr. Abhisit said that he believes the country would still have to deal with some external economic problems, which can pose some effects on growth.

As for the government’s policies, the ex-PM commented that many Thais would want the government to solve problems caused by such economic stimulus projects as the rice-pledging scheme and the minimum wage increase.

While warning that the situation in Thailand would not be different from last year, if the Yingluck administration ignores these problems, Mr. Abhisit has called on the government to revise its policies and better respond to the people’s needs. He added that the Opposition would be ready to cooperate with the government on these issues.

Regarding his red-shirt rally crackdown case, Mr. Abhisit said that he and former deputy PM Suthep Thuangsuban are ready to enter the justice system and expressed his confidence that innocence would defeat everything.