42nd annual Bangkok Motor Show

With 3,454 bookings taken at the 42nd Bangkok International Motor Show, Mazda (the CX 3 shown here) finished second, as Toyota was once again the top seller with 4,406 bookings taken.

Despite 2021 being another ‘COVID’ year, the Thai motor industry has kept production going and has been rewarded with an increase in sales year on year. With the ability to take bookings at the 42nd Bangkok International Motor Show (BIMS), some interesting figures were released after the show with Toyota once again the top seller with 4,406 bookings taken.

Second was Mazda with 3,454 closely followed by Honda 3,305, a manufacturer which is up there with Mazda, but hampered by not having a pick-up in its line-up.

One manufacturer which is entirely pick-up is Isuzu which booked 2,829.

Next in the popularity poll came Suzuki at 2,689, a manufacturer which has been coming to prominence over the last five years.

The next most popular marque in the top 10 was Mercedes-Benz at 1,863, where BMW at 999 did not even make the top 10.

One brand which has been doing very well is MG. A far cry from its illustrious past, it was 7th in the top 10 at 1,629 counting trucks as well as sedans. Manufacturers not doing well included Nissan at 1,144, Mitsubishi at 1,462, and Ford at 1,212.

Motor shows can turn up some surprising results, with Maserati getting orders for 26 cars, for example, but Porsche was top dog at 85. MINI, whilst still fun to drive, even though past its use-by date, only selling 212 is not enough for a manufacturer of that size.

Hopefully by next year COVID will have waned and the 2022 Motor Show will be bigger and better than ever. Organizers Grand Prix International will make sure of it.