2014 tourism revenue projected at Bt1.85 trillion


BANGKOK, Oct 13 —   As the political situation in the country has improved, Tourism and Sports Minister Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul projects that the number of tourists during calendar 2014 would reach 24.9 million persons while the country would earn at least Bt1.85 trillion.

Of the total tourists, revenue from foreigners visiting the country would be about Bt1.16 trillion, down slightly from last year, and the rest from domestic tourism, said Ms Kobkarn.

In order to encourage people to travel the country by bicycle in line with Prime Minister Gen Prayut  Chan-o-cha’s policy wishing to see people have good health, Ms Kobkarn said plans have been made to build bicycle lanes nationwide.

Also, the government is encouraging Thais people to celebrate the upcoming five-day New Year holiday, starting December 31, by travelling within Thailand instead of touring abroad, she added.