200 THAI pilots resign over five years


The management of Thailand’s flag carrier, Thai Airways International (THAI), admitted that some 200 pilots resigned from the national airline in the past five years for better salaries elsewhere.

Acting THAI president ACM Siwakiat Chayema said that the pilots moved to other airlines in the past five years and usually 30-40 pilots resigned from THAI annually.

He explained that the resignation resulted from the inauguration of new airlines in the country and pilots had the right to choose satisfactory remuneration.

The resignation of some 30-40 pilots this year is normal and will not affect the service and future plans of THAI because the airline is producing pilot replacements, according to ACM Siwakiat.

THAI will forhave a sub-committee to study its rehabilitation as instructed by the state enterprise ‘superboard’ and that its borrowing plan would become clear in late September.