10,000 visit infrastructure roadshow in Nongkhai each day


NONGKHAI, 8 October 2013  – Around 10,000 members of the public in Nong Khai visited the government’s roadshow on the 2 trillion baht infrastructure investment daily over the 3 days period it was held. 

According to Nong Khai governor Wiwat Methiwannakit, about 10,000 visitors were present at the roadshow each day during the 3 days it was held. A significant number of the visitors had traveled from nearby provinces to visit the exhibitions.

Governor Wiwat said the visitors indicated they wanted to see the infrastructure projects realized soon.

Nong Khai Chamber of Commerce President Monwipha Kowitsirikun reflected the governor’s opinion, saying that the public had been excited about the planned facelift of the country’s transportation system.

According to Phuea Thai Party deputy spokesman Anuson Iamsa-ad, no less than 20,000 people visited the ‘Thailand’s Future 2020’ roadshow in Nongkhai each day.

Reporters said the high-speed train simulator had been the highlight of all the attractions at the roadshow, with people lining up to sit inside the simulated train carriage. Some of the visitors also indicated they were interested in the exhibition on the ‘new cities’ zoning project, as they were looking to make long-term life plans based on the planned cities development.

The next roadshow will be held in Nakhon Ratchasima during October 11-13.