1,000 baht discounts likely for digital TV set top boxes


BANGKOK, 6 June 2014 – The Broadcasting and Telecommunications Research and Development Fund (BTFP) has endorsed an initiative to provide 1,000 baht discounts for digital TV set top boxes, in an effort to encourage a switch to digital TV broadcast.

National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) secretary-general Thakon Tanthasit revealed that the fund’s executives agreed to provide 1,000 baht discount coupons for the set top boxes, as proposed by the NBTC. The initiative would have to be approved once again by the NBTC assembly, fore the coupons are handed out to roughly 25 million households nationwide.

The fund also resolved to terminate an agreement with the ICT Ministry concerning public free Wi-Fi, as many conditions have not been met. The fund will be asking for a return of its 950 million baht provided as support for the project, with interest.