More leaning tower trouble


While the Provincial Electrical Authority is working to right the many leaning power poles of Pattaya, one on Soi Rompot needs to be addressed urgently.

This pole, already removed from the ground, is leaning with no support other than a single knot holding it at the top. With live wires still attached, it’s not hard to see why residents near the soi’s intersection with Second Road are anxious. Another pole is in similar distress 50 meters down the road.

Pichet Uthaiwattana, director of Pattaya’s Civil Engineering Department, said the PEA is working its way from Jomtien Beach into Pattaya, fixing many electrical poles that are askew. He urged people not to panic as the Soi Rompot situation will be fixed in the future.

Local residents, however, want their pole position improved before nature lowers the boom on a passing pedestrian.