The ultimate sound system?


The BMW 3 Series F30 Sedan presents perfect entertainment on the road thanks to its Harman/Kardon premium surround sound system.  Launched in late 2011, this latest model of the 3 Series has been claimed to have the ultimate in-car audio experience, and with 625 watt output, there’s enough to blow you through the sunroof!

Harman/Kardon say that their 16 speakers and a Class-DSP amplifier in the BMW F30 Sedan provide an excellent listening experience to every passenger, as if sitting in a concert-hall.  Taking consideration of the particular acoustic conditions of the BMW 3 Series, Harman/Kardon installed seven 100 mm ALumaprene midrange speakers on the dashboard as well as in the front and rear area.  Their specially developed membranes and magnet systems create major sound dynamics and increased effectiveness than usual speakers.  Additionally, seven 26 mm metal-matrix dome tweeters are placed in the mirror triangles and midrange speakers in the front doors, plus an additional midrange in the instrument panel of all models, completed through two powerful 217 mm central bass subwoofers below the two front seats.  The acoustically highly transparent speaker grills support a crystal clear sound experience and their design exhibits brilliantly to the style of the BMW 3 Series.

With a total power output of 625 watts, the sound of the Harman/Kardon Logic 7 surround system is shaped by its fully automatic AuraVox equalizing system.  Harman has brought its knowledge of acoustics and psychoacoustics in this brand new car sound technology, which evaluates hundreds of parameters and independently generates the appropriate filters, corrects speaker delay differences, and sets optimum volume levels of individual channels.  As a result of this acoustic tuning, amended by manual fine-tuning by acoustic experts, all 16 precisely positioned high-end loudspeakers develop their full tone potential in interplay.  No matter where passengers are seated, they are able to enjoy a fascinating three-dimensional listening experience.

Only one problem – you have to buy the new 3 Series to get it!