Your opportunity to go racing


Thomas Raldorf is selling his Honda Integra DC-5 with full body-kit and 100 percent newly renovated.

Some technical details:

The car is fitted with Motec M800 wiring.

The Seat is an FIA approved Race seat “Racetech”.

The roll cage has been approved by FIA for when it raced in Macau before.

The fuel tank is a brand new ATL safety fuel tank.

The steering rack and all bushings, wheel bearings and hubs and wishbones are all brand new.

The Race engine is made in the US and assembled in Thailand.

The suspension is a Moton 2-way race suspension.

The wheels are 17×9.

There is a full set of spares for the car with extra doors, extra wishbones, extra driveshafts and front lights, tail lights and extra radiator and a whole heap of extra stuff which can be include in the sale.

Racing Integra.Racing Integra.

There are also two extra gearboxes and a lot of extra engine parts.

Make Thomas a good offer for the car, and he will find a solution that works for everyone.

Thomas Raldorf is also selling his Subaru Impreza race car.  It is in race ready condition with many spare tires and wheels.  The car is fully registered and has proper documents.

The engine is 2.4 liter and built by Khun Tawee and has 697 WHP at 1.85 Bar boost, and close to 700 Nm of Torque and the engine has been just overhauled by Khun Tawee as well.

Racing Subaru.Racing Subaru.

The car is fitted with racing type limited slip differential both front and rear and a racing clutch.

The Turbo is a Hybrid Turbo for Forced Performance FP HTA GT3586R (Turbo has only done three race events).

6 Speed Dogbox + 6 speed standard gearbox.

Project Mu Brake system with 355 mm discs.

KW 3-way race suspension.

Car is fitted with Racetech FIA approved race seat.

The car will be delivered with eight additional wheels, plus 20 extra tyres of which some are new and others only used for a few laps.

This car has been running in the Supercar Series for 2013.  Genuine reason for sale and Thomas is looking for offers around 2 million baht.  Contact can be made by email [email protected] or phone 081-377-1553 for details on one or both of these race cars.