Who sold what at the Bangkok International Motor Show?


The figures have been released from the organizers of the motor show, with the top 10 not holding any surprises.  Toyota, as usual, sold more than anyone else, and in fact 25 percent of all sales went to Toyota, almost twice that of Honda, the next in line.  Here are the sales figures:

Toyota 9,514

Honda 5,617

Isuzu 4,602

Mazda 3,482

Mitsubishi 3,093

Nissan 2,723

Ford 2,572

Mercedes-Benz 2,060

Chevrolet 1,716

BMW 1,383

However, of even more interest were the figures from the more expensive end of the marketplace:

Jaguar 14

Porsche 13

Rolls-Royce 10

Aston Martin 7

Bentley 3

I must say I find 10 RR’s surprising, particularly against only three Bentleys, a much more superior car in my books.  From all these, I will have an Aston Martin DB9 and play James Bond’s all day.  No mention in these statistics of MG, as they were not taking any orders, their presence being purely to test the market.

James Bond, I presume!James Bond, I presume!