What’s coming for Thailand?


It has taken many years, but we are slowly being weaned off the 1 tonne pick-ups.  The eco-car promotion by the governments has certainly helped here, with a proper car now costing less than a pick-up.  Now add to that the First Car Buyer’s scheme, and pick-up sales have again been hit to leg.  And not before time, either!

Under 1 million baht there are many choices for those with limited spending power.  The ugly duckling, the ridiculously named Tiida from Nissan is being replaced by the new Nissan Pulsar, which looks much more palatable.

Honda Amaze.Honda Amaze.

Mitsubishi will be launching a longer version of the Mirage, complete with four doors.  This is similar to Honda’s Brio and the newly released Brio Amaze, which is basically a Brio with a boot.

Another new car will be a small SUV from Ford, built on the same platform as the Fiesta (perhaps the Kluga?), and the Fiesta will be offered with the Ecoboost one liter three cylinder engine, which has received rave reviews all over the world.

Suzuki Ertiga.Suzuki Ertiga.

Mini MPV’s will get two new starters under the one million ceiling, with both of them built in Indonesia.  These are the GM Spin and the Suzuki Ertiga, both seven-seaters to rival the now aging Toyota Avanza.  However, they both look as pedestrian as the Avanza (even with its new front).

Many of these new cars will be seen at the Bangkok International Motor Show at the end of March to the first week in April.