What do you buy the man who has everything?


Well, you could always look for a diamond encrusted titanium nasal hair trimmer, or if you can’t get one of those, go for a Koenigsegg Agera S, the supercar built by Christian Von Koenigsegg.  However, the factory is making quite a few of them, so perhaps the Koenigsegg hypercar, based on the Agera S, and called the One:1 is the answer.  Koenigsegg say they are only building six, so that makes it even a little more special.

Koenigsegg says that the name refers in fact to the car’s power to weight ratio which is one kilogram per horsepower.  This is taking a little poetic license as they have happily mixed metrics and imperial, but I am sure the owners will be happy to overlook that and call it an oversight!

Koenigsegg One:1Koenigsegg One:1

In an interview last year, company founder and owner Christian Von Koenigsegg was quoted as saying that the One:1 will weigh 1400 kg and will be powered by a 1400 hp (1030 kW) engine.  In comparison, the Agera S has a relatively underpowered 965 hp.

However, the company in releasing an official teaser image late last week of the car on its Facebook page, has revealed the car will now weigh in at 1340 kg with 1340 hp.

The Koenigsegg car’s quoted weight includes all the fuel, fluids and lubricants as well as the driver.

With the trimmed weight and the prodigious power, this car will be quicker than anything on the planet that is registered for road use.  Koenigsegg’s computer simulations have it that the One:1 will be capable of 450 km/h or more.

Not only top speed, but acceleration figures will be in the F1 range with zero to 400 km/h in less than 20 seconds.  In comparison, the Bugatti Veyron takes 45 seconds to reach the same speed.

Apparently all six units have already been presold and the new owners, along with a select group of invitees will get a sneak preview of the car on February 26 before its official unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show on March 4.

The price has not yet been disclosed though if you need to ask, you can’t afford it.  (I can’t afford it, even with an advance on next month’s salary!)

And for the best sob story of the week, Christian Von Koenigsegg says he expects to lose money on the project.