Westfield for sale

Westfield Sports car.
Westfield Sports car.

Here is a very rare opportunity to own a truly ‘Fun’ automobile. Richy Rhodes has a 2 liter Westfield (a Lotus S7/Caterham clone). There are only two in Thailand. He has owned this one for only a few years, but has reluctantly realized that he doesn’t have the time to drive and enjoy it.

I have actually driven this car on a test day at the Bira circuit and driving it is Fun, with a capital F. The enjoyment in driving a vehicle which is responsive to the desires of the driver almost defies description.

Selling price 990,000 baht, though Richy will haggle if you are an enthusiast. If I had the money spare, it would be in my garage by this evening and not in yours or his.

Contact Richy on 081 723 8402.