Want to come racing with me?

Old car for a geriatric driver.
Old car for a geriatric driver.

For this new season we have renamed my team to be [email protected] racing. Not that we are geriatric, but thought it was a fun name, and I have to admit I am the oldest race driver in Thailand and one of a handful in the world. I’ve left my run too late for Formula 1, but the fun part is even better.

Now I am gathering sponsors together for the 2018 season at Bira. The 1973 Mk 1 Ford Escort is being rebuilt and the 350 BHP engine is being freshened up. In response to a number of people who have said they would like the opportunity to drive such a monster, well, I am giving you that chance.

There are three levels of sponsorship and the top level is Gold and entitles you to drive the car at the Bira circuit some afternoons. You will get me in the passenger seat to advise on lines, braking markers and the like, and yes, you need a helmet.

The next level is Silver and you get to experience passenger rides beside me. Helmet again required.

The lowest level is Bronze and you get to be part of the race pit crew and really experience motor racing from the inside. You get your hands dirty.

Of course there are your company stickers on the car, but we are going to be doing a lot more than that. I will be doing commentary drives to the simultaneous video shot inside the car and both beamed back to the pits, where you can imagine yourself neck and neck with the opposition and sliding through the corners. After that you’ll get to watch it on YouTube.

The sponsorships are:

Gold 100,000

Silver 50,000

Bronze 25,000

You will never get a bigger kick out of sitting behind the wheel in your life. Talk to me about it

Email [email protected] or telephone 081 687 3267.