Want a reliable car?


An insurance company in the UK has released its list of the 10 most reliable cars, coming from their claims experience.  Some of these vehicles are not available here, but it makes for interesting reading.

1 – Honda Accord – A classy package, well put together and feels more special than the average family car.  Superb engines and value for money.

2 – Subaru Forester – Not quite an off roader, much more than an estate with a sporty edge, making it the perfect combination.  Great all round buy.

3 – Mazda MX-5 – Blueprint for the modern roadster with sweet handling and engines to match.  Extremely easy to live with.

4 – Mitsubishi Carisma – Despite the name, not that interesting to look at or drive, but that’s not the point.  Here is a no-nonsense hatchback that won’t let you down.

5 – Toyota Yaris – Superminis don’t come better.  Bags of room and perky engines.  Probably the best small car buy.

6 – Honda Civic – Solid build quality and good engines are just part of the appeal, the Civic is one of the most spacious small cars around.  Great value.

7 – Nissan Almera – A dull package, but that’s no reason to dismiss the Almera which is practical and perfect for the smaller family who need a big boot and utter reliability.

8 – Honda CR-V – Proof that you don’t need an XXXL 4×4.  Here is a four-wheel drive estate that is flexible, easy to drive and own.

9 – Toyota RAV4 – So few four-wheel drives are fun to drive.  This car is suitably sporty, but very practical.  Expensive used buy but worth it.

10 – Nissan Micra (March) – The driving school favorite.  Tough, fairly roomy, but with its light controls is easy to steer around town.