Turkey time!


What with Thanksgiving Day and Xmas, the turkeys have all headed for the hills.  However, one of the American motor mags surveyed their writers as to their opinion on the biggest automobile turkeys that have been made.

Their list has many cars which were not released in Thailand, but the list is interesting.

AMC Gremlin – a very strange and fugly motor car.  Look at the photo, I am sure you will agree.

Ford Thunderbird – that one I find confusing.  Their writer had bought a secondhand one and it had problems.  I don’t believe the normal Thunderbirds were that bad myself.

“Where’s the rest of your car, toots?” AMC Gremlin.“Where’s the rest of your car, toots?” AMC Gremlin.

Toyota Yaris – received a slating as being cramped and noisy.  Really?  I know lots of 6 footers that drive a Yaris.  I do not agree with that one at all.

Yugo – the writer said it was the biggest turkey ever with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.  Built in Soviet-bloc Yugoslavia it really was dreadful.  So we agree on that one.

Pontiac Aztec – an American car about which I have no knowledge, so I cannot comment.

Renault Alliance – another that never made it to these shores.  The writer complained about French technology, stating that they had not done much for us since the invention of the guillotine.  Just to put the record straight, the British invented the guillotine!

The Porsche 924 – yes, I agree but just because it wasn’t such a bad car, but it because it wasn’t a Porsche, being originally to be a VW sports car.  The 944, however, was a true Porsche and the Porschephiles made a pact to forget about the 924.

Edsel – no list of turkey’s can exist without an Edsel.  Again it wasn’t such a ‘bad’ car, it just looked dreadful.  Time magazine called the division, named after Henry Ford’s only son, “the $250 million flop” (nearly $4 billion in today’s dollars).

And if might add my own lemon, sorry turkey, what about the Lightburn Zeta?  Go on – look it up!