Toyota’s selfie SUV concept

Toyota FT – AC.
Toyota FT – AC.

If you’re not taking selfies, you’re not with it, man. With selfies and pix of what you ate for breakfast you are part of the in-crowd (or perhaps the e-crowd) and Toyota wants you.

Toyota looks set to tap into that ethos with next-level connectivity in its four-wheel-drives.

Having flirted with the idea of a GoPro mounted in the side mirror for future off-roaders in the FT-4X concept unveiled in April, the brand unveiled a new concept that pushes the boundaries of technology even further.

The Toyota FT-AC – or Future Toyota Adventure Concept – a car to succeed models such as the FJ Cruiser with a combination of go-anywhere ability and digital connectivity.

Fully aware of today’s leanings, Toyota’s LA motor show concept features action cameras and Wi-Fi connectivity so you can live-stream adventures to faithful followers on social media platforms.

Toyota executive Jack Hollis says the FT-AC is “is perfect for those outdoor enthusiasts who want to dial up the adventure on their weekend getaways”.

“No matter the roads, the activities, or the people, FT-AC sparks authentic fun and conversation.”

The butch-looking SUV features a powerful petrol engine and sophisticated all-wheel-drive system that promises to get you where you want to go. Thoughtful ‘tomorrow’ design elements include a retractable bike rack and fog lights that you can pop out of the bumpers for use as headlights on mountain bike night rides.

Twin mirror-mounted cameras are also detachable, says Toyota, to make sure “no fun goes undocumented”. The five finger discount Gone in 60 Seconds crimes can hardly wait.