Top ‘overtakers’ in F1


In an attempt to make F1 more exciting, the FIA introduced KERS (Kinetic energy retrieval system) and DRS (Drag reduction system), to facilitate passing.  Some say that this produced an artificial situation, but others say that these were just two variables that the drivers could use to their advantage when necessary.

Overtakes were classed as follows in 2011:

Normal/DRS/Slow Cars (referring to HRT, Lotus, Virgin, as the strategic value of these overtakes is different)/Team-Mates (one driver can choose to let another pass)/Damage/Lap One.

In 2011 there were 1436 overtaking maneuvers in all categories.

Excluding overtakes categorized as ‘Lap One’ or because of damage, there have been 1180 maneuvers.  The combined total of ‘Normal’ and ‘DRS-assisted’ moves – the indicator of what most observers consider to be ‘clean’ overtaking – is 804 overtakes.  This gives an average of 45 normal and DRS overtakes per race.

The highest number of clean overtakes were recorded in Turkey (85), Canada (79) and China (67).  The races with the fewest were Monaco (16), Australia (17) and India (18).

So which driver was the top overtaker in 2011?  Buemi made a total of 112 overtakes in 2011 – closely followed by Michael Schumacher (111), Kobayashi (95), Alguersuari (90) and Perez (89).

And who has been the top starter in 2011?

The top starter was Michael Schumacher, who has gained a total of 34 positions; next up come Buemi (29), Kovalainen (28), Liuzzi (20) and Kobayashi (19).

Who has gained most positions on the first lap in 2011?

Michael Schumacher, Buemi and Kovalainen also lead this table, having gained 40, 30 and 26 positions respectively on lap one.

And who has done the most overtaking in the races after lap one?

This is headed by Perez and Buemi, both with 82 overtakes.  They are followed by Button (77), Webber (76), Alguersuari and Michael Schumacher (71).

(Source – Mercedes GP)