The New Year’s road toll


Over 300 people were killed on the road over the New Year period, even more than last year, despite the police “crackdown” and despite the quaint way of not counting any injured person who dies later in hospital, as being a death statistic!

Ignoring the woeful stats, the usual culprits became obvious.  The vast majority of fatal accidents were to motorcycle riders going too fast for the conditions and being over the legal limit for alcohol.  The final part of the puzzle was even easier, with the majority of fatalities not wearing a suitable crash helmet (or any one at all).  If you’ve got a 10 baht head – wear a 10 baht helmet.

So, if the authorities are even slightly serious, the answer is better policing of the laws already in place regarding drink driving and the wearing of crash helmets.

Will we see this before Songkran?  Will we see this at Songkran?  We all know the answer, don’t we!