The Morry Oxford finally lies down and dies


Followers of the iconic Morris Oxford from the early 50’s will be saddened to hear that the Hindustan Ambassador Mk III has been laid to rest.  At one stage, it was about the only sedan that one could buy in India, and all Indian politicians had white ones.  New Indian PM Nerendra Modi has one, and naturally white.

The dies and all tooling that was needed were sold to the Hindustan company after BMC stopped production and the first Hindustan Ambassadors began coming off the assembly line in 1958.

RIP Hindustan Ambassador.RIP Hindustan Ambassador.

With the continuous production, the Ambassador has the world record for length of service, and in many ways a tribute to the solid engineering of British cars of that era.  I can remember, as a small boy, going into the Morris dealers and getting a brochure on the new 1953 Oxford for my scrap book.

The final accolade for the Hindustan Ambassador came from the British Top Gear program who declared it as the best taxi in the world in episode 2 of their 20th series.

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