The Internet application to safer driving


At the Frankfurt motor show, the Harman company unveiled a suite of advanced driver assistance features for safer, but connected, car applications.

Harman’s new generation of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are designed to integrate seamlessly with their range of in-dash solutions for intelligent cars of the future.

The Harman ADAS features address safety and convenience in revolutionary new ways:

Situational Human Machine Interface (HMI) – As more Internet-based content and information makes its way into the car, there is a need to ensure data and services are displayed in the most intuitive and least distracting manner.  Harman has introduced a personalized and context-aware HMI that ensures that a driver keeps his hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, while still enabling the maximum convenience and flexibility to on-line information and entertainment.  Harman’s innovative approach to in dash displays means different screens can be served up to the driver depending on the information needs of particular driving situations such as daily commuting, personal errands, or a weekend road trip.

Harman’s Human Machine Interface Harman’s Human Machine Interface

Augmented navigation – Harman is pioneering new navigation solutions that combine live motion video with route information on a single display screen when approaching areas with complex conditions, helping the driver with better navigation support.  By overlaying images from car-mounted external cameras with advanced software visualization graphics, drivers can get a more accurate and realistic view of the road ahead and benefit from more clearly marked directional cues for off-ramps, roundabout exits, or even points of interest.

Park Assistant – Harman has introduced a revolutionary new camera-based parking aid that goes beyond today’s single, rear-mounted view or multi camera top view.  Harman mixes real camera data with virtual reality modeling to offer complete surround views of the perimeter of the car from virtually any angle, greatly improving parking accuracy.

“Our vision is to combine vehicle efficiency, safety and convenience with the utmost in digital connectivity and entertainment,” said Michael Mauser, Co-President of the Infotainment and Lifestyle Divisions at Harman.  “We are continuing our tradition of addressing the complex systems in the automotive field with highly integrated solutions.  These new features are designed to take full advantage of the capabilities in today’s more connected, intelligent, and networked automobile to make the driving experience better and safer.”

So the technology that M-B is touting for their 2025 F125 concept, is already here, it will just take some time for that technology to be affordable and specific enough for motoring in 2012.