The Best Car in the World?


The all-new 2014 S-Class full-size luxury sedan has been described as “the best car in the world.”  One motor noter in the know said, “I don’t think it’s a statement I can argue with.  I’ve never driven or ridden in a quieter, more comfortable or more technology-infused machine.”  All big claims.

So what is there in this S-Class to rise above the other luxury cars?  Well, for a start, the S-Class occupants actually breathe perfumed air from an ionization filter system that delicately scents the cabin with one of four exclusive designer fragrances.  Chanel Number 5 anyone?

The best car in the world?The best car in the world?

The car is built largely from aluminum, including most of the body, making it more solid and almost 90 kg lighter than the previous model.

Take the simple area of headlights.  What can M-B do there?  Each headlight contains 56 separate LEDs that are computer-linked to forward-looking cameras and sensors so servo motors can control the projection angles; tiny internal shades move to keep from blinding oncoming motorists.

There are no light bulbs in the car.  Almost 500 LEDs will last the life of the car.  They illuminate taillights, marker lights and the color adjustable ambient lighting interior.

“Sensor fusion” is a term used by M-B to describe the car’s continuous computer analysis and multiple applications of data collected from eight cameras, numerous radars and ultrasonic sensors that constantly look in all directions as far as half a km ahead.

Infrared cameras spot animals and humans in the dark, then project their images – highlighted in red – on a viewing screen in front of the driver.

Pro-active safety features abound which can autonomously brake the car when it senses that a car approaching is about to run a red light.

Image analysis from a pair of stereoptic cameras adjust the electronically controlled suspension to ease the big car over bumps and imperfections in the road ahead.

With a car like this, creature comforts include massage treatments for every seat. The back seats have individual wireless audio, video and Internet access.  Cup holders?  The new S-Class has heated and chilled cup holders, and airline-like retractable metal work trays for your laptop, if the screens in the backs of the seats ahead of you aren’t large enough.

Information screens?  There’s two set into the dash of this new S-Class.  The car simply bristles with unseen technology to make this (probably) the best car in the world.

Specifications 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Type: Full-size, four- or five-passenger luxury sedan with rear-wheel drive

Engine: 4.8 liter turbocharged V-8

Power: 455 horsepower; 516 pound-feet of torque

Transmission: Seven-speed automatic

And I would imagine that they would trade your BMW, Lexus or Audi!