Thailand gains a significant investment


Autoliv Inc. – the global leader in automotive safety systems – has begun the construction of an airbag cushion manufacturing plant in Chonburi.

The new facility will have capacity to produce 4.6 million cushions corresponding to 15 percent of Autoliv’s global manufacturing capacity for airbag systems.

The new facility in Thailand will occupy 8,000 m2 and employ 800 people – compared to 2,000 m2 and 270 employees for the existing plant.

The total investment cost is USD 9.4 million, not including the building which will be leased.  Initial production will start in July this year.

The plant, constructed on 30,000 m2 of land, has the potential to be expanded if required to support the increasing demand for Autoliv’s products with light vehicle production in Thailand expected to grow by 75 percent between 2010 and 2015.