Thailand enters Top 10 of Global Car Sales…


News from the Auto Focus Group (AFG) reported that in October 2012, Thailand ranked 10th among all countries of the world in terms of domestic vehicles sales with a total of 142,839 units sold.

October was the best month ever for the Thai Auto Industry – not only in terms of domestic sales but also in total cars produced.  The big question remains, whether this momentum can be maintained in 2013 or whether we’ll see a drop next year when the first time buyer program runs out.

Japanese and American OEM’s are already expanding their footprint in Thailand and South East Asia – however, a key factor will be if the Thai Auto Industry can manage to get more awareness outside it’s traditional stakeholders and manage to secure serious new investments from China, Europe and Korea.  Once we see the first factories from VW, Hyundai-Kia and Chinese OEMs in Thailand, it will certainly take a permanent seat under the Top 10 car producing nations.

In addition, the updated Thai AutoBook 2013 will be released on Monday next week and distributed free to all subscribers.  If you would like to know more about this e-publication contact [email protected]