Tesla scores best in the US again!


The American Consumer Reports magazine has been going in the USA for around 80 years. Each year they poll their readers as to the reliability and satisfaction from the various cars on sale in the US. In 2013 it was the new Tesla S that topped the poll, and it was the Tesla S that topped the poll again in 2014.

Consumer Reports had this to say about the Tesla. “For all of the impressive new vehicles released in 2014, none was able to eclipse the innovation, magnificence, and sheer technological arrogance of the Tesla. That’s why it’s our best overall pick for the second consecutive year. Through the course of their life cycles, cars become obsolete quickly as newer models appear with updated gizmos. But with Tesla’s over-the-air software updates, a Model S that came off the line in 2013 has many of the same new features as one built today. Despite the Tesla’s teething problems at launch, our subscriber reports showed average reliability. The Model S is a technological tour de force, a high-performance electric vehicle with usable real-world range, wrapped in a luxury package.”

Tesla S.Tesla S.