Ta-ta to Tiida nameplate?


The current model Nissan Tiida is due to be replaced by 2012.  In some markets it will revert to the old Pulsar name, which has to be better than tee double I dee ay.

Tiida in the local marketplace did not seem to know what it really was supposed to be, and coupled with lack-luster marketing (not just a Nissan characteristic in this country, I might add) this has resulted in fairly mediocre sales.  As a competitor to the Mazda3 and Corolla Altis it has not set the world on fire.  Even with some tacked on go-faster items released recently.  It still looks like the graceless lump that it is and has been since day 1.

With the Nissan Micra going great guns as the March, a good replacement for Tiida would certainly put Nissan on a better footing in this country.

Nissan have a history of coming up with totally nonsensical names for their vehicles, such as the Qashqai.  Nissan said the car was named after the nomadic Turkic Qashqai tribe in Iran.  In Australia it is called the Dualis after the importers pressed Nissan, saying that Down-Under it would be known as the “Cash cow”, a not very complimentary moniker.

Their other current small SUV is called the Juke.  What kind of a joke is that?  Nissan, you should shoot the man in the Names department!