Standing start half mile record


If you ever wanted to know what 2,300 horsepower packed into a modern car can do, then ask madman Gidi Chamdi who set a new world record for a standing half mile behind the wheel of a highly modified Lamborghini Gallardo prepared by Underground Racing in the USA.

Chamdi reached a speed of over 380 km/h, which is a new world record for a street-legal car. It’s also the first time anyone has cracked 380 km/h in the event.

Chamdi’s previous top speed for the standing half mile was 370 km/h, which he set in August 2015. However, this was eclipsed by a 375 km/h run by KC Howeth in an Underground Racing-prepped Lamborghini Huracán just a couple of months later. Both cars feature Underground Racing’s X package which uses twin-turbocharging to extract the big horsepower numbers.