Silly names


I have always wondered whether Nissan have a Silly Names department. The Nissan Cedric did not do much for me, or the new Sylphy. Looks like a nice car, but “Sylphy”? Come on!

The Japanese manufacturers are the worst, but even Rolls-Royce came out with a choice which was not acceptable, with the R-R Mist. “Mist” in German relates to manure (ask any of your German speaking friends). R-R changed it to Silver Shadow, which had no smelly characteristics.

However, what about the Isuzu GIGA 20 Light Dump (1994-present)? Probably sells well in Japan, but the reaction in the UK would be hilarious.

The French have a few bloopers too. The Renault Wind (2010-13) could have been the Renault Flatus I suppose.

Back to Japan, with the Toyota Deliboy (1989-95), a rather strange looking delivery van.


And now the Mazda Scrum Wagon (1989-present), the ideal van for a scrum-half and another six forwards. Could be just a little squeezy.

Sticking in Japan, how about the Honda That’s (2002-07). That’s what? Apparently it was a small Japanese MPV. That’s just a stupid name.

Isuzu again, with the Isuzu Mysterious Utility Wizard (1989-98). A pick-up for Merlin, perhaps?

Suzuki Every Joypop Turbo (1999-2005). Sorry, a Joypop isn’t for me.

China doesn’t escape, now it has joined the world automotive scene. What about a Geely Rural Nanny (2004-present)? A car and a pacifier all in one. What a bargain!

Back to Nissan and the Nissan Homy Super Long (1982-97). Was there a minimum length to get one of these beauties?

Still in Japan, we get the Honda Life Dunk (2001-03). Can fit three 2.5 meter tall slam dunkers I presume.

Mitsubishi doesn’t escape either, with the Mitsubishi Minica Lettuce (1989-93). Only comes in green I imagine!