Saving money at the pumps


With the price of fuel going up with the increases in crude oil prices, we are all going to need more money at the pumps to fill the family chariot.  It is then probably worthwhile looking at ways to increase the kilometers you can get out of one thankful.

1. Slow down – stick to the legal speed limits and see how much you save!  (You can save even more at lower speeds – driving at 80 kph instead of 110 can cut your fuel bill by 30.)

2. Check your tyre pressures often.  Under-inflated tyres can cost you eight percent more fuel (and they’ll wear out faster too).

3. Drive smoothly and consistently.  Fierce acceleration and harsh braking both cost money.  You’ll save wear and tear on brakes, tyres and suspension too.

4. Turn off the air conditioning system when not needed – the engine has to work harder to power them.

5. Have your car serviced in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.  A well-maintained engine is more efficient and less polluting.

6. Remove roof racks and boxes when you don’t need them – even empty they can increase drag and therefore fuel consumption.  Remove heavy items from the boot, too.

These recommendations came from the Haynes Publishing group whose manuals are very well respected in the world.