Robot B-Quik

B-Quik Camaro BumbleBee.
B-Quik Camaro BumbleBee.

B-Quik has just taken delivery of a new Camaro TA2, and it’s just been wrapped in the corporate yellow-and-black livery, a color scheme that’s instantly recognizable to motorists across Thailand – thanks to the unmistakable branding of the 143 outlets nationwide – but equally so to race fans, as B-Quik raced to the Thailand Super Series’ Super Car GTM Plus Teams’ title last year, the biggest and most prestigious championship honor in Thailand, and the year before to victory in the Sepang 12 Hours, the most important sportscar race in South East Asia.

B-Quik has a fleet of race cars that ranges all the way from Honda’s Brio to Audi’s R8 LMS Cup – and all have been affectionately known as ‘bumblebees’. Now that association really becomes true in every sense with a ‘Bumblebee Camaro’ as we plunge straight into movie territory, the popular ‘Transformers’ franchise of course.

And that association becomes even more ironic – as it was a case of “enter the robot” for our Camaro TA2!

First stop for the B-Quik Racing Camaro TA2 was a visit to the alignment “robot” at B-Quik’s flagship Sathon Narathiwat service center. Called R.E.M.O. (which stands for “Robotic Equipment for Measuring by Optics”) it is a highly sophisticated next generation precision instrument that avoids all contact with the wheel rims and the use of any mechanical clamps to remotely measure, though the use of artificial vision technology, the toe-in and complete 3D scan of the road wheels.

Two robots, fitted with lasers and cameras, run on tracks either side of the vehicle and move in parallel, vertically as well as horizontally, to collect all the data and determine the angles and spatial coordinates of the wheel to a precision of one hundredth of a millimeter.

B-Quik is the aftermarket servicing sector leader in Thailand, so it’s no surprise that this is the first and only alignment measuring robot in Thailand – and with a cutting-edge company to call on, B-Quik Racing is well placed to make use of this advanced technology as they aim to keep one step ahead of their rivals on track and stay firmly at the front of the pack.

It is a perfect example of the skills and technology overlap between B-Quik and B-Quik Racing that benefits both entities in their respective ambitions to always be the best.

B-Quik is pleased to say that the Camaro TA2 passed with flying colors, and all in just 2 minutes as R.E.M.O. works quickly and efficiently to ensure B-Quik customer vehicles’ spend the absolute minimum time possible off the roads.