Pro Series at Bira this weekend


The very professional Pro Series event is on at the Bira circuit this weekend.  As opposed to the other promoters, the Pro Series runs generally to time.  After getting four hours behind at the last meeting, punctuality is very much enjoyed by drivers and spectators alike.

They have a category for the Retro cars (pre 1985) such as our 1973 BBX/Acorn Pub Ford Escort Mk1, making the car one of the oldest in the class.  The driver has also probably passed his use-by date, but at this stage we are still up the sharp end of the grid.

Retro Pro Series action. (Photo courtesy Edd Ellison)Retro Pro Series action. (Photo courtesy Edd Ellison)

If you would like to come along and barrack for the little Escort, up against cars like Gavin Charlesworth’s 4.4 liter V8 BMW E30, we have a hospitality tent that you can avail yourself of during the afternoon.  To find the tent, come into the circuit by the pit entrance (not the main entrance), go through the tunnel under the track and then turn hard right and go up the hill.  You will easily see the red AA Insurance tent, with catering done by the Acorn Pub (first floor The Avenue shopping center on Second Road) with burgers, sausages and beer on tap!  Yes, you read that correctly!  It is a real picnic atmosphere, so bring your kids and friends.

There are many categories running, from 2 liter sedans, trucks, amateurs, and sports cars.  We will join you after our race, and a cold beer will certainly go down well!