Porsche ditches diesel


Diesel has been getting some bad press in the last couple of years. VW was found meddling with the electronics and giving significantly low atmospheric readings. This was serious enough for many people at VW to lose their jobs, and the executive on top of the scandal is now apparently in jail.

VW owns Porsche these days, and diesel has only been an option for Porsche customers in recent years, with Porsche offering the fuel type as a variant nine years ago.

Without the arrival of high-performance SUVs to dovetail the sale of its more traditional sports cars, Porsche may never have offered diesel engines at all.

The decision to ditch diesel comes just months after the Stuttgart-based manufacturer confirmed that there would be no diesel variant of the new-for-2018 third-generation Cayenne from its launch in August – though it could still get a cleaner diesel, it said.

And fanning the flames of a complete move away from the under-fire fuel, Porsche confirmed in a statement that the Macan S Diesel had been ‘taken out of the production program too, meaning it will only sell petrol-powered 4x4s for the foreseeable future.

Let us hope the super sniffing sleuths don’t find an atmospheric contaminant with gasoline in the ICE engines and if they check in Pattaya with our diesel baht busses we’ll all be walking.