Old drivers and bold drivers

Max Verstappen.
Max Verstappen.

It is well known in motor racing that there are old drivers and there are bold drivers – but there are no old bold drivers!

It is obvious with his daring style of driving that Max Verstappen is a bold driver. Round the outside of everybody into the first corner is almost his trade mark these days. You can vault yourself up the order with bold driving, but at what cost?

Ask four times champion Sebastian Vettel after Canada where Verstappen did another of his kamikaze maneuvers and took off the front wing of Vettel’s Ferrari.

Turning into Turn 1, Verstappen squeezed Vettel and made contact with his SF70H, breaking the front wing. The German was forced to pit for a new wing, dropping him down to 18th place. He recovered to finish P4.

“Unfortunately, our race was compromised right from the start, when Vettel’s car was damaged so he was no longer able to give it his best shot,” said Arrivabene, the Ferrari team manager.

It will be interesting to see if Verstappen can curb his natural aggression (he is after all still very young) to be able to progress to being an “old” driver. I just hope he doesn’t take out too many others on the way.